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About The Bella Rose Group,Inc.

About Us

atlanta-city-viewAt The Bella Rose Group, Inc., we believe the heart and soul of a good business starts with its people. We’re 100% committed to our amazing employees, our passion to practice good business ethics and our love for being involved within the community. We care about providing a better tomorrow for our customers; past, present and future. The Bella Rose Group, Inc. philosophy encompasses a positive, engaging experience which results in an informed awareness about “Green Thinking” and energy efficiency to make our world a better place. Working together, with everyone’s best interest in mind, we create lasting relationships in business and life. We aim to engage, inspire and contribute for a much better tomorrow.

Our team is our foundation. Integrity and passion fuel The Bella Rose Group, Inc. From the moment a business relationship begins, we put our philosophy to work. We thrive in our interactions with customers. After the engineers leave and a job is completed, our relationship carries on with follow ups, adjustments and outstanding care. We pay it forward with each and every interaction, creating a chain of lifelong inspiration.

Being in touch with technology and the unique needs of each and every customer are what set The Bella Rose Group, Inc. apart from others. We’re passionate about producing the best service, working with the best products and superior designs in the industry, all while fulfilling your growing needs. For every challenge there’s a solution…we are the team to find the solution and pioneer the trail for setting the industry standards.


Along with providing clients with the industry’s leading personnel, The Bella Rose Group, Inc. takes pride in supporting America’s veterans. In hiring several US military veterans, The Bella Rose Group, Inc. has tapped into the nation’s greatest resource. The Bella Rose Group, Inc. is proud to welcome these veterans to their international team. If you are interested in a career with
The Bella Rose Group, Inc., please call 770-886-1222 or email

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