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The Bella Rose Group, Inc. brand is synonymous with excellence in customer service. As a private company, our domestic and international growth has largely been driven by the value we provide our customers. We pride ourselves on our strong principles, integrity and passion for developing lifelong relationships with our customers and their clients.

Technology offers empowerment, not just automation. We believe today’s technology is a tool that should simplify your life, allow you to create the perfect environment and save energy in the process. Our seasoned professionals are highly trained and equipped with the experience to provide the industry’s best solutions for even the most complex energy management systems. Today’s cutting edge technology will be yours to control.

The Bella Rose Group, Inc. has worked with customers all over the world, successfully completing thousands of lighting control, automated shade and AV integration projects.

System Commissioning, The Bella Rose GroupBy offering a full suite of services, The Bella Rose Group, Inc. provides a personalized level of service to meet and exceed client expectations. From pre-construction consulting to the full range of commissioning services, our services provide expertise throughout the life of any project. We love what we do and it shows.

We personally train our clients, empowering them with the knowledge to utilize each system to the fullest.
We’re passionate about making life easier and providing an interactive environment to foster trust and peace of mind. The Bella Rose Group, Inc. is never more than a phone call or email away.

Technology can be complicated, but it should always be user friendly. Let us help you simplify! Our goal is to provide confidence within our clients, so they can enjoy the convenience of their system—without any stress or confusion. We provide:

  • Pre-construction consultation
  • Project management
  • On-site walk thru/detailed inspections
  • Programming & sequence of operation implementation
  • Functional testing
  • End-user training
  • Commissioning & LEED documentation
  • System diagnostics & troubleshooting
  • Factory warranty & non-warranty services
  • Factory annual maintenance visits
  • Performance calibration
  • Purchase products direct
  • Lifetime support

installationThe Bella Rose Group, Inc. is dedicated to providing its clients with unparalleled customer service and the latest advances in green technology. Our highly trained staff works with the industry’s leading specifiers and is partnered with brands such as Cooper Controls and Lutron. Together, The Bella Rose Group, Inc. offers the best solutions for even the most complex energy management systems.

Whether a client is looking to update a current space or constructing a new facility, our professionals are equipped to design, install and retrofit a space with energy efficiency and ease in mind. The Bella Rose Group, Inc.. professionals will assist you throughout the process- from designing a space for lighting control, to training you to use the system’s controls. The Bella Rose Group, Inc. has successfully completed thousands of systems commissioning projects across the globe, including commercial businesses and hospitality leaders.

Lutron’s automated shades discreetly provide lighting control according to the time of day and desired atmosphere. The shades can be programmed to follow a daily routine or adjusted from the comfort of your fingertips through any iOS or Android device. Overtime, the shades will conserve energy and create a greener, more comfortable working environment.
For more information, contact us for a quote.

The Bella Rose Group Preconstruction ServicesThe key to every successful relationship is communication. Our pre-construction consultation services will bridge the gap by simplifying everything from start-to-finish, from contractors to manufactures to the end-user. Through detailed education for contractors before installation and open communication with sales representatives and local distributors, The Bella Rose Group, Inc.’s expertise keeps the doors of communication open, leaving no stone unturned and no question unanswered.

We interface with everyone on the project and develop a plan of action. We consult with contractors to insure every aspect of the project is understood, from proper wiring processes to final installation. We keep the conversation going through to the end-users, making sure we understand their needs and concerns, while exceeding all expectations.

In the end, we make certain our project management team maintains diligence through all aspects of the job to avoid any costly mistakes. Additionally, by providing our onsite expertise prior to construction, The Bella Rose Group, Inc. will become your first point of contact during construction to answer questions surrounding wiring and installation, and your last point of contact at end-user training. Every step of the way, The Bella Rose Group, Inc. is there.


technology keeps advancing and is getting better daily


at some point your technology will need service

Technical Service & Support

The Bella Rose Group Technical Service and SupportBeyond delivering excellent customer service and quick response times to your needs, we make it our business to be up-to-date with the latest products. It’s important for you to be confident in our abilities as premiere technology consultants. Let us help you better understand what options are available for you. We can assist you with turn-key upgrades helping to simplify your life.

Automated Window Shades

Motorized and Automated Shades from The Bella Rose GroupAutomated shades have many excellent benefits. One of those is the ability to aid in the harvesting of natural resources (sunlight), while deflecting the harsh glare of the sun. As the outside light changes throughout the day, Lutron’s shades quietly adjust to create the perfect ambiance for guests, meetings, presentations or simply providing a productive work environment. The Bella Rose Group, Inc. will provide, install and program your automated shades. Please contact us for a quote.

Education & System Trainings

The Bella Rose Group Education and TrainingWe recognize today’s market is more sophisticated than ever before…allowing it to be hands-on. We’ll make sure you receive the most engaging and comprehensive training available. You have the freedom to explore, fine tune or modify your own system without someone constantly looking over your shoulder.

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